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Office of Research and Development

The University of Taipei is established in the August of 2013 by merging two existing universities governed by the City of Taipei. The ambition of this act is to transform the urban higher education system of Taipei City into a research university with worldwide academic reputation. Research at The University of Taipei aims to advance the current human knowledge for improving societal wellbeing, providing an environment for students acquiring the first hand professional knowledge that is valuable and demanded by human society.

The Office of the Dean for Research and Development supports the University’s mission by assisting all colleges for the promotion of research and translation of their work into knowledge that benefits the world. The Dean for Research and Development, with advice of the University Administration Board, is responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies on all research works taking place on campus.

The Dean Office for Research and Development works in close collaboration with all colleges at The University of Taipei to facilitate the growth of research of all areas. Offices are responsible for providing services and support to students and faculty in research development and research compliance.

The following units and office report to the Dean:

Industry-Academic Services Division
Planning Division
Ethic Committee
Laboratory Animal Resource
Human Subject Committee