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Division of Academics and Industry Service


Ms. Yang       Tel Extension7803   E-mail:hpyang@utaipei.edu.tw

Ms. Hsieh      Tel Extension7806   E-mail:bhyw@utaipei.edu.tw 

Mr. Wang       Tel Extension7804   E-mail:research1030801@gmail.com

Ms.Wu          Tel Extension7810   E-mail:rainjade@utaipei.edu.tw


Job title


Phone _ Ext.



Ms. Yang


Comprehensive management of academics and industry’s services   

Assistant Staff

Ms. Hsieh


University and Developments’ institutional evaluation

Comprehensive supervision

Reward and subsidy of MOST

Reward and subsidy of professors’ research’s achievement 

Chinese to English document translation and subsidy of International

Journal publishing

Website of DAIS’s news updating and management

Senior Staff

Mr. Wang


MOST projects’ issues including announcement, application, change, request for payment and settlement etc.

Research plans of other departments ‘ issues including project’s  announcement, application, change, request for payment and settlement etc.

College Affairs Database to Ministry of Education

Questionnaire survey of Taiwan Economic Research Institute

DAIS meetings, workshops and seminars.

DAIS website’s establishment and maintenance

Affairs for Office of Research and Development

Project Assistant



Full/Part time assistants and labors rights paper procedure

Proportional distribution of administrative fees for departments

Statistics the annual number and total amount of MOST plan

Statistics the number and total amount of other projects annually

Data management of full/part-time and contract employees

Commercial Insurance for students’ scholarship