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The office provides research development services for the university. Under the Dean’s leadership of, the office is divided into Industry-Academic Services Division, Planning Division, Laboratory Animal Resource, and Institutional Review Board, which are accountable for research, administration, and publishing affairs.


►Industrial-Academic Services Division:

This division handles all research projects that apply for the grants of the Ministry of Science and Technology,collects the data of research publications for the faculty and the students, collates and compiles all research projects around the university, and handles the work associated with research rewards and incentives.


► Planning Division:

This division manages publishing of university-related information, and affairs of Innovation and Incubation center. This division also handles affairs of hazardous material and waste control, environmental protection and occupational safety in Tienmu Campus, human study, and animal care and use, handles publishing of academic journals, compiles lists for journal/periodical publishing fees, calls for papers for academic journals, handles educational yearbooks,apply the university-publishedjournals for the entrance to the TSSCI index.