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Division of Research Planning and Coordination

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Comprehensive management of research planning and coordination

Assistant Staff

Ms. Hsieh


Waste removal, toxic chemical substance declaration, priority management of chemical declaration and inspection, Ministry of Education's occupational disaster notification, etc.

Management of the environmental safety, sanitation and account control for the laboratory in the Tianmu campus of UT

Biological experiment safety committee’s coordination  

Contract Staff

Ms. Zeng


IRB related issues

IACUC related issues

Contract Staff

Ms. Chiang


Journal of UT(Education and Humanities & Social Sciences, Sports Research ) and e Paper delivery

Edition and Publication of campus activities news

Management of University’s internal publications

Incubation Center

Websites of DRPC’s news updating and management

Organizing work report and meetings.

Subsidy for new instructors' and researchers' overseas thesis publication in international conferences

VP of ORD’s schedule, office’s property management